Walking on clouds – Colca Canyon

During my time in Peru, a lot of my limits were tested. Endurance, altitude, stomach and digestive capacities, sleeping, motion sickness… you name it, I think it was tested. We were staying in a town called Chivay, at nearly 5000 metres altitude, it was cold, wet, and dizzyingly (not word but will become a word now!) difficult to sleep. Still, we prevailed. With the yearning … Continue reading Walking on clouds – Colca Canyon

Maputo, Africa

A couple of weeks ago I posted about the Tofo section of my African adventure, well it now time to share with you my adventures through the capital city of Mozambique, Maputo. A bit of historic background Mozambique was a Portuguese colony that then became a Portuguese province and state of Portugal, finally gaining its independence in 1975. The country which is 9 years from … Continue reading Maputo, Africa

Mozambique – discovering Africa for the first time

So 2015 ended with a bang and 2016 started with one! I embarked on an awesome adventure to visit my best friend in Mozambique this year, so we could spend our 3rd consecutive New Year’s Eve together. (Now if that is not love, I do not know what is!) After months of preparing to head over to the land down under, taking additional jabs (not as … Continue reading Mozambique – discovering Africa for the first time

Discovery Friday – Sugarcane juice and Coconut water

So, this week’s Discovery Friday pays tribute to my very recent first ever trip to Africa. I had some amazing experiences out there, met amazing people and was faced with such a fascinating history and culture. Mozambique is truly a mess of a historical country, with so many outer, Asian and European influences bombarding it left right and centre, you are sometimes at a loss to where … Continue reading Discovery Friday – Sugarcane juice and Coconut water