Walking on clouds – Colca Canyon

During my time in Peru, a lot of my limits were tested. Endurance, altitude, stomach and digestive capacities, sleeping, motion sickness… you name it, I think it was tested. We were staying in a town called Chivay, at nearly 5000 metres altitude, it was cold, wet, and dizzyingly (not word but will become a word now!) difficult to sleep. Still, we prevailed. With the yearning … Continue reading Walking on clouds – Colca Canyon

Nazca Lines – what the Gods see

Before I get into the experience of seeing the Nazca Lines in person, let me explain what they are. The lines are considered geoglyphs, which are huge motifs usually carved onto the ground, they are a somewhat similar concept to hieroglyphs but far larger in scale as if made to be seen by the Gods. The Nazca lines are the largest collection of geoglyphs found … Continue reading Nazca Lines – what the Gods see

Death Road, Bolivia – a story of survival

​There we were, climbing to the peak of the mountain at 4800 metres in preparation for the exhilarating descent. The oxygen deprivation was slowly becoming visible as some of us panted for air at every word, others talked and walked slower to avoid exhaustion and some stopped every few steps to try and take a deep breath. We had been told never to try taking … Continue reading Death Road, Bolivia – a story of survival

St Catalina Convent – Arequipa

I know what you’re thinking, another convent, another bible bashing building, preaching to the end of your tether that you should follow the light. How wrong could I be. Convinced that my time here would be like all other convents I have visited across Europe, I bit my tongue back not to look bored or sound furious at the ridiculousness of it all only to … Continue reading St Catalina Convent – Arequipa