Wyvern Lingo – Discovery Friday

Another end to another busy week. How time flies when you are having fun and this week I had SO MUCH FUN! This week’s Discovery Friday is a little bit different and it is dedicated to a huge passion of mine… Music.

On Sunday 31st of January I had the pleasure of watching Hozier live – post to follow this coming week! – who was absolutely incredible and as I expected blew me completely away. However, the part that completely took me by surprise was their support band.

WYVERN LINGO a name everyone should remember from now on! An Irish all female band who are absolutely phenomenal. All three of them are stunning vocalists with such distinct voices that somehow still work in conjunction. They have their harmonies down to a T and let each other shine, completely complimenting each other as a 3 piece band. I predict great things happening to this group. Their music is a very cool mix of pop, folk and R’n’B and their 3 piece featuring drum kit, keyboard/synth and a bass or guitar work tremendously well.

(All photos copywright Diana Lava)

For you Hozier fans out there – because I know you all exist, there were another 4999 plus me at this gig on a Sunday! seriously as if none of us had jobs to get to on Monday! – one of the singers, Karen Cowley, who also plays the synth/keyboard in this great band, is the voice that features in the completely mesmerizing Hozier song ‘In a week’. Now highlight of the gig – and expect to see this if you are attending the tour – she comes out and sings it with him! It was by far the most intrinsic moment in the whole concert, I have never witnessed 5000 people go completely silent in my life. There is a section in the song in which there is no instrumental just vocals, and it was pure silence. No one howled or booed it was absolutely hypnotising.

I leave you here with one of their songs that I had the pleasure to hear at Brixton Academy on that gloomy Sunday evening. They really did set the stage incredibly well for Hozier, but as a stand alone are fantastic and strong.

(Videos sourced on Youtube)


Wireless Festival #ThrowbackThursday

Wow, what a year it has been, I was sat at work today thinking about some of the great things that I have seen in the last year. One of my biggest passions in life is music, I am a singer, and I play the guitar and bass guitar. Often you will find me performing in my shower, or with the Hitchin Thespians choir and amateur dramatics, depending on what I have decided to do for that half of the year. I have been exposed to music from such a young age that it is a huge part of my every day and one of the best things is being able to watch music live!

There are a lot of people that often sacrifice travelling for music festivals, I would rather compromise and do both. I am sure you saw an earlier post this year about Rhythms of the World, my favourite local festival, well I also had the pleasure of going to Wireless Festival!

It was AWESOME! Held at Finsbury Park over a 3 day weekend and it is not a stay over kind of festival, but with easy links to some cheaper parts of the city or just outside, it is affordable to go every day if you wish. I attended the Saturday this year and it was a fantastic day of music, sunshine, booze and food. I got to spend the best day with my partner and he and I were exposed to incredible legendary music and some fantastic new acts. So here today in this throwback of Summer 2015, without further ado, the musical acts!

MARY J BLIGE I loved seeing her live, what an absolute icon on stage, totally in control of her performance and a stage presence to die for.

CHILDISH GAMBINO a true poet with a real gift for words and a true delight live.

KENDRICK LAMAR the whole reason why we went was for my man to see this absolute icon and hip hop sensation. I am not the best hip hop critic, but I love Lamar’s wordplay and his stage presence as immense. He completely took over and I could tell that the whole half of the crowd where I was stood was there for him and him alone. Incredible.

We got to see some other incredible musicians that you have to listen to and experience! Ady Suleiman was one of the opening acts and was phenomenal, great things will come to him and I have not stopped listening to him since Wireless. Others to look for are Mnek, Etta Bond, Bad Rabbits, Alessia Cara and Parra for Cuva. It is so much fun to enjoy new music and watch it live. I would completely recommend festivals to everyone.

I leave you now with some photos and links into the musicians’ websites. I do have videos and eventually these will be uploaded for you to watch!

It started with goodbye…

2016 has already brought people such joy and anguish. We are 21 days in as I sit here and write this piece. I only just returned from my trip 10 days ago, and have been so bogged down with work that there has been no time to be here. Aside from being occupied I have been consumed by grief for the icons that have left us behind this year.

Already, in such a short space of time, 2016 has brought us tears and the realisation that the lives of those that seem so phenomenal and amazing beyond comparison, are also lives that are frail and taken away from us at any time. I feel that it has been a bit of a shock as in 20 days we have all said goodbye to huge influences in all our lives, but three in particular have struck me as particularly shocking. So today I dedicate this art post to the loss of huge talents to the world wide entertainment industry.

David Bowie

What an absolute icon! I can still remember working at the Victoria and Albert museum when the Bowie exhibition was taken down and booking its trip around the world. I believe that it is currently being shown in Rio de Janeiro, but do not quote me as it has been a while and I might not recall the dates as well as I wish.

Bowie was a huge fashion icon, film talent and a musical influence and god that evolved with time and released some of the most awesome music ever. Bands can only dream of creating the unique sound that Bowie continuously honed, and his break through musical techniques are of huge influence to the music industry. It seems bittersweet and a planned goodbye that he released his 25th album on his 69th birthday, just days before he passed away. It is with memories of his sweet voice that I whispered goodbye to his name and remembered a well phrased Bowie quote:

“… And these children that you spit on as they try to change their worlds are immune to your consultations. They’re quite aware of what they’re going through…”

Alan Rickman

A theatrical and film icon, known for many roles but loved globally for being the unsung and unpredictable hero of the Harry Potter series, Severus Snape. Has there ever been a man who’s voice could lull me into a different Universe altogether… maybe my dad’s but not anyone else. He played a huge part of my generation’s coming of age and is such a phenomenal loss to the industry and the world and fantasies of many growing children and dreaming adults. I will ALWAYS be waiting to take a potions and defence against the dark arts class with you. Mostly, Alan Rickman, I will never forget how you forged and paved the way for so many British actors and actresses, a true talent and your grace both on stage and screen will never be forgotten. As you once said, in the most beautiful, sincere and simplistic way – Always.

Glenn Frey

Finally, but not least, Glenn Frey. This may seem like an odd one, but my mom and dad brought me up listening to the melodious and harmonic abilities of The Eagles, and I have the fondest memories of this music. This music that I still have on my car when I do long drives, this band who graces my headphones every day with some of the most iconic and legendary pieces of music. When you write a piece like Hotel California, you know you’re about to make a record that is going to be historic, just like Rumours for Fleetwood Mac and The Wall by Pink Floyd. Glenn Frey is a lyrical and musical talent that has left a great big, thundering and aching gap in the music industry and in my heart. I leave you here with some of the very best of The Eagles.

Rhythms of the World 2015

Copyright: Diana Lava

I love live music. As someone who has been exposed to music from a very very young age, with my father being in a band and working every night in live gigs until I was 7, music runs in my veins and I literally do not go any point of any day without a song in my head. At this moment in time, I am writing this as my father sits having an operation, and all I am hearing in my head is Bob Marley’s ‘I shot the Sheriff’. I don’t know if there is any meaning to that. I deviate from my point. Live music is one of those experiences that only get better the more I assist to it, so naturally festival season is one of my favourites.

So let me introduce you to one of my favourite festivals ever. Rhythms of the World. I have been going to ROTW since I was 16 years old and thought that having a boyfriend in a band was the coolest thing I would ever achieve – at the time it was. He had the whole converse, studded belts, cheque shirt, black skinny jeans and properly placed fringe look going, and he even dedicated songs to me. He is an ex boyfriend, so we know he had his flaws, but it was still VERY COOL, and I can say that now, 7 years later.

11692707_10206833702419876_7929395290911665690_n (1)
Copyright: Diana Lava

Rhythms of the World is a festival that runs over two days, its £15 each day to attend – adult ticket price – and it takes place in the Hitchin Priory. It has six stages, which is a lot for a small local festival, and much like the title suggests it features music from all over the world, with different sounds, and it even has a BBC introducing stage. It is awesome!

This year I took my best friend, boyfriend and parents to ROTW with me. They loved it. I think festivals have a rather magical vibe. Everyone seems to be having a good time and wearing what they want. Lots of food tents, hand crafts, we got feathers in our hair and some leather cowboy hats it was great. Everyone is in a good mood, no matter how big the crowd we all squeeze together to fit in one field. Garden chairs, blankets, some people with fridges, kids with small pop up tents, babies in push chairs loving their first experience of both the english summer and english festivals – the best music festivals in the world.

Copyright: Diana Lava

ROTW this year was made even better by the fact that one of my favourite bands THE SKINTS were playing and promoting their new album.The Skints are a reggae/ska band from east London and if you haven’t heard them then you are really missing out. But I am not here to boast about or review one of my favourite bands to watch perform. I am here to tell you that in ROTW, you can go from reggae to heavy metal and screamo in the BBC Introducing Stage. The main stage varied from American Country, to Mexican, Latin, Raggae, Fusion and Bhangra Indian Music. It is spectacular! You walk around and it is an amalgamation of sound, not from just polar opposites such as hip hop/rap and rock, but also from church hyms to sexy latin music, to music that is related and has similar basics such as some african and some latin american. It is a wall of noise and madness to the hearing but it is truly wonderful. Coupled with arts and crafts, clothes and all sorts of everything tents from all over the world, with food stalls that come from as far as China, Rhythms of the World is truly the widest local festival I have ever known. I love everything about it.

I have to add, that the price also really does top it for me. It is such an accessible price, and for a whole day of music and basically backyard tanning, great junk food, booze and awesome company, you can’t really ask for more! And the porterloos were actually minimally clean! If you are a Hertfordshire person, or even Cambridgeshire/Bedfordshire which are very close, I would really urge you to come along. It is a fantastic day out for the whole family. Bouncy castles galore for kids and adults alike! I cannot wait to take my nephew next year, I think he will be absolutely buzzing on sugar, but he will love it. Am already looking forward to it. Join me.

And tell me all, what is your favourite local music festival? I would love to discover more and join you there.