Woman in Black – #ThrowbackThursday

So November 14th 2015, I had the opportunity and pleasure of watching the Woman in Black live in the theatre, and today I am throwing it back to this theatrical experience. Let me make it explicitly clear that I am awful with anything horror. I sat through the movie Woman in Black with a scarf wrapped around my head with just a gap for my … Continue reading Woman in Black – #ThrowbackThursday

Gypsy – theatre review

Hello everyone, apologies for the absence, so much family and work stuff has happened in the last 4 weeks that DiscoveringDiana has just fallen by the waste side a bit. However, I have discovered many things! So hopefully lots of fresh content will be coming very often this month 🙂 Happy December, countdown to Christmas is officially on. I love going to the theatre and … Continue reading Gypsy – theatre review

Little Shop of Horrors… sorry I have been away

Hello dear readers, I have to apologise for my absence but it happened for a very good motive I assure you. As a lover of theatre and the performing arts in general, I suppose it is only fit to share with you that I myself am part of an Amateur Dramatics Society, and for the last two weeks have been intensely rehearsing for the week … Continue reading Little Shop of Horrors… sorry I have been away

#FlashbackFriday The importance of the critic today!

Around two years ago I was a University student finding my voice, trying to figure out where my opinions lay and thinking that I would graduate with a clue. What a complete lie I was fed, thinking that this would be the case, as all us grown ups know, we are never fully grown. Well, in my last year at University I was studying a … Continue reading #FlashbackFriday The importance of the critic today!