The Petroleum Museum

Very few museums in the world leave me completely baffled. Having been to my fair share of art museums/galleries, several similar versions of natural history and science museums and seen a lot of state buildings become history spouting machines, the Petroleum Museum left me truly amazed.ย Petroleum, as we all know, is the leading industry in the world! It is the highest consumed source of energy … Continue reading The Petroleum Museum

Nazca Lines – what the Gods see

Before I get into the experience of seeing the Nazca Lines in person, let me explain what they are. The lines are considered geoglyphs, which are huge motifs usually carved onto the ground, they are a somewhat similar concept to hieroglyphs but far larger in scale as if made to be seen by the Gods. The Nazca lines are the largest collection of geoglyphs found … Continue reading Nazca Lines – what the Gods see