2015 in Discoveries

Can you guys believe that 2015 is coming to an end? I feel this year has absolutely flown by and so much has happened and taken place, so much that I have yet had the opportunity to share with you all. I feel like this year has really shaped me as a person, from personal development and overcoming turbulent situations, to simply discovering things about myself … Continue reading 2015 in Discoveries

Paris holds the key to my heart

It is true what they say… Paris is the city of love! Paris holds the key to your hear. And all of Paris plays a part.  Just stroll two by two down what we call “la rue” And soon all Paris will be singing to you! Paris holds the key to l’amour! And not even Freud knows the cure. There’s love in the air! At the Follies Begere! … Continue reading Paris holds the key to my heart

Eat my way through France

Living in England you would think the first place I would choose to go is France, that does not seem the case! I have driven through France before, but never actually stayed there, and this year I was very lucky, I actually got to visit different parts of France twice. As you might know from other posts, or reading my blog in general, I think … Continue reading Eat my way through France

What I Cannes and Cannes not do!

There is nothing, activity wise, that I love more than TRAVELLING! There is something truly wonderful about wandering, lost but completely aware that you have found some intrinsic part of yourself in the process. Luckily, this is something that I can share with my friends, family and loved one. And even better, I can actually afford to do so, which in itself is a miracle. … Continue reading What I Cannes and Cannes not do!