Google Art #DiscoveryFriday

My beautiful man text me the other day in a frenzy saying ‘Google Deep Dream Generator’. I did so, uploaded an image and what I got was a whole new way of seeing what my lens has captured. They art is all about perception, that when people look at the clouds they see different things, psychologists do the same with ink blotch tests, and some people can’t make out constellations where was others see them straight away.

That is what Deep Dream Generator offers you, a chance to see what you haven’t seen before in images that you have captured yourself! So here are some samples of what I made on the website.

Please click the photos to see them bigger and compare!

I already love all my travelling photos as they let me revisit the places I have seen, but in this sample of my time in Mozambique – read all about it here – I now see these dream like fantasies that I can’t un-see and I love how artistic they are. I love how a simple images have become such a dreamlike reality.

I urge you to try it! Click here to visit the Deep Dream Generator.

Happy reading, writing and dream generating!




Framlingham Castle #DiscoveryFriday

Another week, another Friday, another discovery! I love being able to say that I take as much opportunity as I can to discover new things in all my small ventures. Be it a weekend trip, or time with my family, I always like to discover something new, like food, music, movies, places, you name it I want to find it.

This weekend just gone I had the pleasure of visiting Framlingham Castle. For over 2 years I have been visiting Suffolk but had yet to visit the castle inside. I had seen it several times, perching on the hill at the highest point of the town. From Framlingham college you see it reflecting on the mere and its mirror image is as mighty as the building itself.

The castle which dates back to the 12th century, was owned by the Bigod family who held great power on the East Anglian region of England at the time. It has been owned by many influential families and in the late 13th century when Framlingham extended its parkland and became a ground for hunting it was considered a luxurious home town for many.

It is a fascinating historical building, having seem family conflicts, been torn down, rebuilt and expanded. Families have added extensive gardens and sections of entertainment to the area, it was even once part of Pembroke College, Oxford University, and it even survived World War II as it was part of the regional defences against potential German invasion. It is a true delight and so affordable to visit. The audio guides are free and quite entertaining. The small bridges that link each section of the building as you walk across them might give you mild vertigo so do be careful.

I totally recommend seeing this practically intact historical building and imagining that you are shooting arrows from the narrow windows to defend your home. It is stunning, majestic and represents another little bit of British History.Travelling inside the UK can be just as filled with wanderlust as can the rest of the world.

Happy travels and reading!

Champneys, Tring #DiscoveryFriday

Another week has gone, another Friday to celebrate. It has been a long week at work for me, and I am very excited to go to the countryside and spend sometime with my boyfriend, relaxing and just enjoying each other’s company and cooking. However, not all is bad. The week started quite nicely after a weekend away with my man in Champneys, Tring.

Let me tell you something dear readers, those adverts you see on the television for Secret Escapes, with the women whispering in their bikinis next to the pool are quite in fact true. We decided to sign up on the website a few weeks ago, and hold and behold, the moment we needed a little quick getaway just for the two of us, Champneys in Tring popped up! It was quite the discovery really.

Champneys is known in the UK to be the best chain of Health & Well-being Resort/Spas in the country. If you are looking for a truly relaxing experience I could not recommend this more. We had a beautiful en-suite bedroom, with the comfiest bed ever. We had a three course dinner included, breakfast and lunch, all the fitness classes and access to the gym facilities, pool and spa, as well as a Thalassotherapy session which was one of the most relaxing experiences ever.

One of the most refreshing rules at Champneys is a no use of mobile phones around the facilities, which was truly wonderful and so unfortunately I have no photos of our incredible stay but believe me when I say it is truly wonderful. So I will leave you with this video of introduction to the stunning resort. Book it… it’s worth every penny!


This video is owned by Champneys Resort

Wyvern Lingo – Discovery Friday

Another end to another busy week. How time flies when you are having fun and this week I had SO MUCH FUN! This week’s Discovery Friday is a little bit different and it is dedicated to a huge passion of mine… Music.

On Sunday 31st of January I had the pleasure of watching Hozier live – post to follow this coming week! – who was absolutely incredible and as I expected blew me completely away. However, the part that completely took me by surprise was their support band.

WYVERN LINGO a name everyone should remember from now on! An Irish all female band who are absolutely phenomenal. All three of them are stunning vocalists with such distinct voices that somehow still work in conjunction. They have their harmonies down to a T and let each other shine, completely complimenting each other as a 3 piece band. I predict great things happening to this group. Their music is a very cool mix of pop, folk and R’n’B and their 3 piece featuring drum kit, keyboard/synth and a bass or guitar work tremendously well.

(All photos copywright Diana Lava)

For you Hozier fans out there – because I know you all exist, there were another 4999 plus me at this gig on a Sunday! seriously as if none of us had jobs to get to on Monday! – one of the singers, Karen Cowley, who also plays the synth/keyboard in this great band, is the voice that features in the completely mesmerizing Hozier song ‘In a week’. Now highlight of the gig – and expect to see this if you are attending the tour – she comes out and sings it with him! It was by far the most intrinsic moment in the whole concert, I have never witnessed 5000 people go completely silent in my life. There is a section in the song in which there is no instrumental just vocals, and it was pure silence. No one howled or booed it was absolutely hypnotising.

I leave you here with one of their songs that I had the pleasure to hear at Brixton Academy on that gloomy Sunday evening. They really did set the stage incredibly well for Hozier, but as a stand alone are fantastic and strong.

(Videos sourced on Youtube)

Bluebottle Jellyfish – Discovery Friday

Another Friday, another flashback and another discovery to share with you guys. This is a little jump back to my most recent trip to Mozambique where I had the pleasure to encounter these for the first time.

These little bad boys are known as Garrafa Azul, Bluebottle Jellyfish or the Portuguese man’o war – yes the Portuguese got in there and named them that because they look like a typical Portuguese ship as it is ready to set sail.

These little things look glorious on the sandy white beaches, the blue rays of these animals decorating the shore in such a beautiful yet dangerous way. It is enticing almost, my friend and I had never seen one before and got really close until warned by another friend that we shouldn’t touch them.

It is said that the sting of a bluebottle feels like someone is slicing your skin and muscles open with a butchers knife… not something I would like to experience, but they do look amazing! How mother nature has made such a beautiful world filled with stunning creatures.


This amazing photo of a Bluebottle on the beach in Tofo, Mozambique, is credited to my amazing friend Dárcio Essá, who dabbles in nature photography and has some breathtaking shots. Thank you for letting me use your image. Please click here to see some of his incredible photos.