Schindler’s Factory and Gestapo Cells

Krakow is such a fascinating place, it is filled with iconic buildings that are sadly coated in so much misery and painful history, but make for an incredible city to visit. The culture that oozes out of every building, as if words were not enough to tell stories, you relive everything as soon as you enter a building. Schindler’s Factory and the Gestapo Houses did … Continue reading Schindler’s Factory and Gestapo Cells

The Wieliczka Salt Mine

So when I planned my trip to Krakow I had a few things that I knew I wanted to see and visit, such as Auschwitz, Schindler’s factory, Wawel Castle amongst others. Everywhere I researched for things to see and discover in the illustrious city, the Wieliczka Salt Mine was listed. No one explained why, no real details were included in this, it was always just … Continue reading The Wieliczka Salt Mine

Gellert Hill and Buda Castle #Budapest

My last instalment of my posts about Budapest is finally here. I have to apologise for the delay, but a lot has been going on, as I am in the midst of a career change and plenty of responsibilities have been put on my plate as my current employment ends. However, enough of real life, let’s talk travel. We were located just across the Danube … Continue reading Gellert Hill and Buda Castle #Budapest