The Rembrandt Spa #DiscoveryFriday

A spa day is always an absolute must and the Rembrandt delivered it beautifully! A friend of mine and I had planned a little girly day for a while, to simply catch up and relax in a pool, a jacuzzi and have a massage, the Rembrandt in South Kensington was just the answer to our prayers. A small spa that rests quietly in the basement … Continue reading The Rembrandt Spa #DiscoveryFriday

Bluebottle Jellyfish – Discovery Friday

Another Friday, another flashback and another discovery to share with you guys. This is a little jump back to my most recent trip to Mozambique where I had the pleasure to encounter these for the first time. These little bad boys are known as Garrafa Azul, Bluebottle Jellyfish or the Portuguese man’o war – yes the Portuguese got in there and named them that because … Continue reading Bluebottle Jellyfish – Discovery Friday

Discovering Mulled Wine and Mince Pies

I am so pleased to be launching this new segment of the blog! Discovery Friday will feature every week with something I have discovered in the last week. We should feature 52 of these a year and at the end of next year I will reveal which one of the discoveries was the most poignant. They could be a variety of things, from a new … Continue reading Discovering Mulled Wine and Mince Pies

A little hidden treasure!

Today is definitely a #FlashbackFriday type of day! As I am creating new content for you, here is a little look back at one of my favourite discoveries, only made in March/April 2014. Having lived, studied and worked in London for the last 3/4 years, sometimes certain things go unnoticed. Like incredible street performers, new quirky cafes or second hand book shops. Little streets with … Continue reading A little hidden treasure!