The more I travel the more I want to see.

The very nature of Discovering Diana is the journey of life through so many things that influence me. I am Diana Lava, author and owner of Discovering Diana. A Drama Theatre and Performance studies graduate, training to be a teacher and aspiring screen and playwright. I love to write about my travels, all things art and culture, and food! Who does not like food?!

Travelling is my biggest addiction. I always want more, and to see more and experience more. Seeing the world is my biggest fountain of inspiration, for all my writing, and I find it the most fulfilling experience.

This little corner of the internet is not about formulas or to tell you how to best. This is how I live at my best, and this is a chance for me to share with you my own little wonderful snippets of life with things that you too may want to try. I believe everyone has their own way of enjoying life but for me, arts, culture, food and travel about cover a very wide breadth of the things that move me.

I don’t think you need to go to the depths of a volcano in the pacific ocean to find yourself, everything around you in your day to day can also chisel you into a better person. There is something rather beautiful about both the mundane and the adventurous, and I am willing to explore that. From travelling wide and far, to going to the cinema to watch a movie, enjoying a book or new music from my home, to cooking my own food and discovering foreign delicacies, everything is influential and shape me, so I am Discovering Diana too.

Things I like:

Rowing – Dance – Music – Theatre – Art – Live Performance – Concerts/Gigs – Adventures – Ocean – Rivers – WATER – Trees – Notepads – Pens – Sunshine – Bohemian Patterns – Big Earrings – Watches – Time – Trains – Mario – Photography – Disposable Cameras – Comfortable Shoes – Shorts – Dresses – Head Bands – Scarves – Brown Boots – Bags – Food – Exercise – Astronomy – Astrology – Gastronomy – Conspiracy Theories – Books – Movies – Good TV – Long Walks – Country Side – Getting Lost – Finding Myself – Climbing Things – and so much more…


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