Bacon Salt #DIY

Valentines was just a mere 8 days ago and it is a time in which you either shower someone in gifts that someone does not actually need and are completely commercialised… OR you demonstrate just how well you know your partner even with something as simple as Bacon Salt. That is right… my man and I decided on DIY gifts and seeing as a couple of years ago I gave him a George Forman grill, I felt food continued to be the right way to his heart. So here is my recipe to DIY Bacon Salt.


  • Prosciutto
  • Sea salt


  • Place all the prosciutto on a tray and set it to bake until it is crisp
  • Once it is crisp remove the prosciutto from the oven and wipe the oil off with a paper towel
  • Break the prosciutto into bits and place them in a pestle and mortar, season it with salt and any other seasoning (I think sea salt is more than sufficient)
  • Mash them as finely as possible to make a grainy salt
  • Once it is ready just keep it in a jar and enjoy it with eggs, vegetables, anything you wish

A brilliant surprise! #DiscoveryFriday

So this week is not something material or the discovery of some incredible unheard of cuisine. This week it isn’t about a new and recent adventure I set off on or about any music or theatre company. This week is something much more exciting than any of that and in spite of it being a photo-less post it is the best Discovery I have yet to make on a Friday.

I am going to keep it short and sweet and extend on this at a further date but a few months back I requested a sabbatical at work to be able to travel a certain part of the World for 3 months. And whole and behold, after months of not hearing back and the lost hope that my travelling ambitions for the first quarter of 2017 wouldn’t be happening it is officially confirmed!

This girl is now plotting a 3 month trip that will start in ten months time and I could not be more excited. It will be my first opportunity of long time travel and I could not be more ecstatic that it is all going to plan.

I definitely cannot be contained and my love of travel keeps growing and growing, and for the very first time I feel that I really do have the world at my doorstep ready to be explored! What a great Discovery for a February Friday.



Chocolate Orange Cake

I haven’t shared any food with you guys in a long time an I feel it is long overdue. So today I am sharing with you a recipe that I made up (I don’t often make up recipes but I did this one and am incredibly proud of it!). My mother turned 62 this year and put in a special request for this cake so here goes.

I apologise for not having photos of the process but I forgot to take these – won’t do this again for the next one.


  • 2 oranges
  • 4 eggs
  • 2 cups of flour
  • 2 cups of sugar
  • 1 cup of vegetable oil
  • 4 table spoons of coco powder
  • 1 table spoon of baking powder
  • 8 squares of any dark chocolate (I usually use Lindt or Bournville)


  1. Pre-heat your oven at 180 degrees and spread butter and flour over your cake tin.
  2. Grate the orange zest out of one of your oranges.
  3. Place the zest, oil, 4 whole eggs and sugar in one bowl and start mixing
  4. Once it is all mixed, add the flour and baking powder.
  5. Once it is all mixed pour half of the cake mix into the tin
  6. Mix the 4 table spoons of coco powder to the other half of the cake mix
  7. Pour the chocolate mix into the tin
  8. Place in oven for around 40 minutes (watch the cake as it can differ in different ovens)
  9. Squeeze the two oranges
  10. Remove the cake from the oven, remove it from its tin and place it on a plate
  11. Pierce the top of the cake with a fork and pour the orange juice into the cake
  12. Place chocolate squares on top of the cake and cover it with a plastic cover in order for the chocolate to melt for about 15 minutes
  13. Remove plastic case and enjoy the cake!



A balanced life – Mission Impossible!

Can you believe we are already 5 weeks into the year? It is insane how fast time flies by and you feel like yet again you have missed out on doing things, completing things because time simply won’t stop for you to fulfill everything. I thought that 5 weeks into the year I would have already established a new structure in my life, a new daily plan to improve my health and fitness, and overall stress levels. I want to get back into playing music, giving more time to my studies and personal development and writing.

If you hadn’t gathered from earlier in the year I am a huge Mission Impossible fan, those films never get old, and recently I have established that the mission impossible is daily life. Most of us are bogged down by a 9 to 5 job with responsibilities that sometimes extend beyond the daily grind that we submit ourselves too. I am a very career focused person and absolutely adore what I do, but sometimes it is a huge challenge for me to find the switch in my mind that allows me to go home and relax. Stepping away from the work place as soon as you leave the office building is extremely important for your emotional stability and it is something I admittedly struggle with.

This weekend that has just passed I took a huge step into my new form of life. I attended a circuit training run by a friend of mine who is a personal trainer (check out his website!) which was a huge challenge as I haven’t been to a gym or done any form of exercise since November 2015… or does sex count? I also cleaned my room out of all the rubbish that was accumulating on my floor, filed all my letters and important documentation, got rid of clothes and shoes that do not fit me and will do a lot better in charity shops aiding those who need it. I have prepared my diary cleared it of commitments that will only cause me stress and this morning paid a trip to the gym.

I am determined to de-clutter my life this year and focus on me and my happiness and success. This ME concept involves a lot of things and facets of what I want to achieve, be it personal accomplishments, weight loss, healthy eating… so many aspects of it will require hard work and won’t be a question of doing it once and achieving it. This is a change of habits I am investing in, a change of lifestyle.

Many people don’t like the idea of a new year, of promises you make to yourself that you are never going to keep, or deciding that something has to be achieved in a year. I think they are only scared of not having the courage to actually take the first leap that all type of change requires. Mine has come a month delayed, but it is here. And I do not want to look at it as one leap only but a step in the right direction to the rest of a healthy and fulfilling peaceful life. A lot like learning, which is a constant development of knowledge, I believe that our lives need that type of investment and constant desire to grow form our behalves. In this aspect I can be a very selfish person because I feel the need to always evolve, to continue to thrive and become a better and improved version of myself.

For 2016 I want this to be the year of finished projects of writing, continuing building on DiscoveringDiana a blog that I have grown to love and enjoy sharing stories and adventures with you guys. DiscoveringDiana has also been a chance for me to connect with a lot of incredible writers and adventurers, real go-getters in life create content that I adore reading. I want to become a healthier me again, a stronger version of me… #StrongNotSkinny – but more than anything I want to grow as a person, experience things I never have and let go of the barrier that holds me back sometimes. I love the idea of becoming so comfortable in myself once more that I do not feel any fear in showing my true colours and all the beautiful projects I get involved in. This is the year I crack the mission impossible and find a truly balanced life!

Wyvern Lingo – Discovery Friday

Another end to another busy week. How time flies when you are having fun and this week I had SO MUCH FUN!Β This week’s Discovery Friday is a little bit different and it is dedicated to a huge passion of mine… Music.

On Sunday 31st of January I had the pleasure of watching Hozier live – post to follow this coming week! – who was absolutely incredible and as I expected blew me completely away. However, the part that completely took me by surprise was their support band.

WYVERN LINGOΒ a name everyone should remember from now on! An Irish all female band who are absolutely phenomenal. All three of them are stunning vocalists with such distinct voices that somehow still work in conjunction. They have their harmonies down to a T and let each other shine, completely complimenting each other as a 3 piece band. I predict great things happening to this group.Β Their music is a very cool mix of pop, folk and R’n’B and their 3 piece featuring drum kit, keyboard/synth and a bass or guitar work tremendously well.

(All photos copywright Diana Lava)

For you Hozier fans out there – because I know you all exist, there were another 4999 plus me at this gig on a Sunday! seriously as if none of us had jobs to get to on Monday! – one of the singers, Karen Cowley, who also plays the synth/keyboard in this great band, is the voice that features in the completely mesmerizing Hozier song ‘In a week’. Now highlight of the gig – and expect to see this if you are attending the tour – she comes out and sings it with him! It was by far the most intrinsic moment in the whole concert, I have never witnessed 5000 people go completely silent in my life. There is a section in the song in which there is no instrumental just vocals, and it was pure silence. No one howled or booed it was absolutely hypnotising.

I leave you here with one of their songs that I had the pleasure to hear at Brixton Academy on that gloomy Sunday evening. They really did set the stage incredibly well for Hozier, but as a stand alone are fantastic and strong.

(Videos sourced on Youtube)