A brilliant surprise! #DiscoveryFriday

So this week is not something material or the discovery of some incredible unheard of cuisine. This week it isn’t about a new and recent adventure I set off on or about any music or theatre company. This week is something much more exciting than any of that and in spite of it being a photo-less post it is the best Discovery I have yet … Continue reading A brilliant surprise! #DiscoveryFriday

A balanced life – Mission Impossible!

Can you believe we are already 5 weeks into the year? It is insane how fast time flies by and you feel like yet again you have missed out on doing things, completing things because time simply won’t stop for you to fulfill everything. I thought that 5 weeks into the year I would have already established a new structure in my life, a new … Continue reading A balanced life – Mission Impossible!

Wyvern Lingo – Discovery Friday

Another end to another busy week. How time flies when you are having fun and this week I had SO MUCH FUN!Β This week’s Discovery Friday is a little bit different and it is dedicated to a huge passion of mine… Music. On Sunday 31st of January I had the pleasure of watching Hozier live – post to follow this coming week! – who was absolutely … Continue reading Wyvern Lingo – Discovery Friday