2015 in Discoveries

Can you guys believe that 2015 is coming to an end? I feel this year has absolutely flown by and so much has happened and taken place, so much that I have yet had the opportunity to share with you all. I feel like this year has really shaped me as a person, from personal development and overcoming turbulent situations, to simply discovering things about myself … Continue reading 2015 in Discoveries

Discovery Friday – Adnams Brewery

This weekend just gone I had the pleasure of discovering the Adnams Brewery! Sat at James’ house wondering to ourselves what on earth we should do for the day, we came across the tour online for only £12. It is James’ favourite beer and I was all up for any activity and cultural experience. This was honestly lovely and such a pleasant surprise, as I … Continue reading Discovery Friday – Adnams Brewery

Christmas Adventures

It is that time of year again, where 10 days from now whole families will flock to their living rooms to find masses of gifts, wrapped in various papers and bags, surrounding a beautifully decorated Christmas Tree. All this to celebrate the birth of a child 2 millenia ago, who’s ideals have built the principles of many civilizations today. Christmas is a truly beautiful time … Continue reading Christmas Adventures

Discovering Mulled Wine and Mince Pies

I am so pleased to be launching this new segment of the blog! Discovery Friday will feature every week with something I have discovered in the last week. We should feature 52 of these a year and at the end of next year I will reveal which one of the discoveries was the most poignant. They could be a variety of things, from a new … Continue reading Discovering Mulled Wine and Mince Pies

Into the Hoods remixed – theatre review

Saturday 24th of October, The Peacock Theatre, Portugal Street, London How can I review something that was I was already pre-disposed to love? I am suppose to be unbiased here and give a critical analysis, but I am afraid that in this case I might fail. So this is a short one but good one, full of love for a company that I completely biased … Continue reading Into the Hoods remixed – theatre review