A quick announcement!

Hello Everyone! This is just a quick announcement.

As some of you might have noticed, I was in the process of moving content from a very outdated blog, a blog that did not inspire me anymore to write, to Discovering Diana, which has been a true adventure. I chose to shut down my previous blog due to a variety of reasons, but mostly because it lacked something that to me is intrinsic when I am writing, and that is interest. Being a catered blog just for art, I found it difficult at times to keep up with the content as it is sometimes not possible to experience new forms of art very frequently.

A few years on, I started to feel inspired by other things, really taking my travels into account, developing my cooking skills and palette, finding art in other place other than just the obvious ones. This change in perspective and growing as a person, a process that continues every day, inspired me to return to writing but with a broader spectrum, encompassing all the things that influence me daily and slowly shape, mold and chisel my personality and my ideals. I feel Discovering Diana is a process for me to discover myself, but also a way of me sharing a bit about me with you guys as well as – hopefully – helping you discover a bit about yourselves in the process.

So I have finally done it! My previous blog lavathoughts was shut down today, I exported any relevant content, and now all things inspiring to me can be found under this title. This has been a great run so far in the last four months, and I continue to want to write and explore some things with you dear readers.

I am truly grateful for all the readers I have so far, it means a lot to me to see that even just a few people are reading my content.

I have got some new things ready to go live very soon and just wanted to share with you that I am now fully committed to writing and growing Discovering Diana into a successful blog.

Happy reading everyone!


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