Why does Mission Impossible never get old?

For anyone who hasn’t noticed yet, I am a huge lover of movies! If I could get one of my scripts produced into a film I would be the happiest person alive. Regardless, here are my views on why Mission Impossible films never get old. I am a great believer in escapism, as someone that works extremely hard, studies part time, works full time and … Continue reading Why does Mission Impossible never get old?

Paris holds the key to my heart

It is true what they say… Paris is the city of love! Paris holds the key to your hear.ย And all of Paris plays a part.ย  Just stroll two by two down what we call “la rue” And soon all Paris will be singing to you! Paris holds the key to l’amour!ย And not even Freud knows the cure. There’s love in the air!ย At the Follies Begere! … Continue reading Paris holds the key to my heart

Discovering Diana

Discovering Diana is a my space to share with you some of the highlights of life that I find are sometimes truly unappreciated. From art, theatre, music, literature and film, to travel adventures, unexpected activities, local discoveries, food and thoughts on various daily quibbles I have! I will be taking you through my journey, in the hopes of also helping you shape yours into what … Continue reading Discovering Diana