Internships in the Arts Industry

Hello Dear Readers, This is the first of many backdated posts on the Arts website I used to own. This particular one is about breaking into the arts industry. Enjoy. I can’t talk about the entirety of the UK, but London is a great centre of arts and culture and there are a variety of places that are offering internships. Paid, unpaid or expenses paid … Continue reading Internships in the Arts Industry

Travelling on a time limit!

I believe that everyone, if not most people, would love to spend their entire lives travelling, embedding themselves in culture, tasting new food and listening to live music in the warmest sunniest weather ever. However, we all know this is unrealistic because work… but also because with work commitments come TIME commitments. I work a 9 to 5 job which I love am getting a … Continue reading Travelling on a time limit!