Discovering Diana

Discovering Diana is a journey of self discovery and experiencing the world, as well as a channel of inspiration for those looking for new adventures, places to visit, things to eat and every form of art you can imagine!

Created by myself, Diana Miguel, a self titled citizen of the world and globetrotter who is experiencing life in her own terms and time. No formulas, just honest advice, opinions and thoughts.

UPDATE 13/04/2017

Dear readers, so much has happened! I have been away for so long and now I am back. I soon discovered that travelling 8 countries in 3 months, squeezing every inch of them I could into my trip, takes up a lot of time. It was impossible at times to write, but I have journalled my way through South and Central America, to make sure I haven’t forgotten one bit of my amazing experience. I have so many stories I want to share with you all, and time will allow me to tell you of every corner and pebble stone I came across.

Things at home seem as normal as ever, as if the 3 months I was abroad were a pocketed reality of their own that had absolutely no impact or effect on me and my mundane life. How wrong I am. As much as it seems like all is the same there are obvious changes, mostly within me as a person. Again, this journey was one of self discovery – how cliche! – as well as geographical exploration.

For now, my companions in writing and travelling, I have much to prepare in order to share a world of stories with you all. My career is also taking shape and I have resumed creative writing which I had not done in a long time. I can tell you all, as it is no secret, I am now more myself than ever before it seems.

Keep writing, reading and adventuring!

Please join me in discovering yourself and the world that is right at your doorstep!


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