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Discovering Diana is a journey of self discovery and experiencing the world, as well as a channel of inspiration for those looking for new adventures, places to visit, things to eat and every form of art you can imagine!

Created by myself,Β Diana Miguel, a self titled citizen of the world and globetrotter who is experiencing life in her own terms and time.Β No formulas, just honest advice, opinions and thoughts.

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A tid bit…

So much has happened in four months that I cannot even begin to share with you all how crazy life has been. I feel like I am on a constantly evolving and growing rollercoaster, does it keep getting higher? Is life just like this? If so, fasten your seat belts, because the bumpy rides are the best ones.

I have been loving settling back into my life and trying to find out how to fit in all my life plans into, well, my life. I think I am just getting to grips with it dear readers, and am excited to eventually share with you all.

Keep an eye out for new posts coming up, especially my 5 day trip to France with students – now that was an experience!

Keep writing, reading and adventuring!

Please join me in discovering yourself and the world that is right at your doorstep!


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